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owner operater dedicated runs in texas

Owner operated dedicated runs in Texas

Owner operator dedicated runs in Texas are one of the best, most reliable ways to earn money as an owner operator. It’s consistent work along familiar routes, which is what every owner operator wants. If you can get work on a dedicated run, you’ll have regular work, and regular pay.

One of the biggest causes of stress for owner operators is finding their next load. Your bills won’t wait until you’ve got work lined up, so you have to be constantly looking for the next job.
Unless, of course, you find someone willing to give you steady work and steady pay. That’s what Booker Trans is all about. And that’s where owner operated dedicated runs in Texas could be a big help.

Booker Trans is a 100% owner operator carrier, because we think owner operators are the best, safest, most efficient drivers out there. We pride ourselves on being the best carrier for the best drivers, and we think our owner operators would agree.

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Why Owner Operated Dedicated Runs In Texas Are Great

A lot of people, when they imagine the life of a trucker, have a romanticized image in mind. They picture the freedom of the open road, driving all over the country, and getting paid to do it.

And that can be what it’s like. But what those people aren’t thinking of is the stress of lining up the next load. The cost of the fuel for long hauls. Maintenance expenses. Trying to figure out if you’ll be able to pick up a new load near where you’re dropping this one off.

All of that can create an incredible amount of stress for an owner operator, and it doesn’t always lead to consistent work.

Dedicated runs can mean peace of mind for you as an owner operator. You can have consistent work, and even a regular schedule. That means regular pay, and it means less time spent trying to line up a new job.

Benefits of Owner Operated Dedicated Runs In Texas

A dedicated run is just a regular delivery. On a dedicated run, the driver will pick up a load from point A, and deliver it to point B, on a regular schedule. It might be weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. You’ll generally follow the same route each time.

An example would be delivering goods to a grocery store. You’d be picking up food from the same supplier and delivering it to the same store, on a very regular schedule. That’s because that store is going to need to restock on a consistent basis. In fact, they’ll likely have several drivers on dedicated runs, since they often have to have stock delivered daily.

You might even be able to be their daily driver- in big cities they might just need someone to drive stock from their warehouse to the store. Those owner operator dedicated runs in Texas cities can be lucrative because you can make several in a day, but you also can spend plenty of time at home.

The same is true for all kinds of businesses. Retail, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, and more. And it’s not just the actual retail locations, either. The warehouses that supply them are also, often, part of a dedicated run to keep the warehouse fully stocked.

In other words, there are a lot of dedicated runs out there. In a state as big as Texas, the opportunities for an owner operator dedicated run are nearly endless.

The biggest benefit of owner operator dedicated runs in Texas is stability and consistency. You’ll have a regular schedule and you won’t have to spend a bunch of your free time chasing down your next load. Instead, you can spend your free time however you like. It can mean more time with your family, enjoying your hobbies, and spending your hard earned money on things you like.

Owner operator dedicated runs in Texas also typically come with a long-term agreement for the driver. That means you can sign up for a dedicated run for a year. For that year, you know exactly what you’ll be paid. You can actually budget accurately. You’ll also know your schedule for the full year, so you’ll be able to make plans in advance.

And if you decide at the end of the year that you want to do something different, you can. Or, if you found yourself enjoying that run, you can sign up for another year.

dedicated runs in texas for owner operators
owner operator working for booker trans

Carriers Like Dedicated Runs, Too

It’s not just the owner operators who like dedicated runs in Texas. Carriers like them, too. Dedicated runs are more efficient, so the expense per mile of shipping goes down.

That’s because when you have the same drivers, driving the same route, each time, they tend to get better at driving that route. There are fewer shipping delays and less time spent idling.

Plus, since it’s consistent work, the carrier doesn’t have to worry about their trucks sitting in the lot, waiting for work. They know that each truck is out there generating revenue. They don’t have to spend as much time finding drivers, because they’ve got their drivers signed up for long-term agreements on each dedicated run.

All of this makes owner operator dedicated runs in Texas a win-win. Carriers love them, and drivers love them.

But Don’t They Pay Less?

A lot of owner operators are hesitant about driving a dedicated run, because they think they’re missing out on a bigger payday with other runs. It’s easy to see why.

On a dedicated run you’re not going to get paid as much per load as you might elsewhere.

Long haul over-the-road jobs and spot rates are always going to pay more per load. That’s just how things work. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get paid less when you work a dedicated run. It means you’ll get paid less per load.

A long haul OTR job might require several days for one load. Maybe even a week. And you’ll get a big payday for that load, sure. But what happens next? Do you have a job lined up already? Odds are good that after a big long haul job you’ll find some maintenance that has to be done, and it might take a little while to find your next job.

But while you were hauling that one load, an owner operator on a dedicated run might’ve hauled 2 or 3. Maybe even 4. And they could easily have done it while putting fewer miles on their truck.

owner operator in texas

That owner operated dedicated run in Texas is also going to have another 2 or 3 loads to haul while you’re getting your truck fixed up and/or waiting to find the next job. Still think dedicated runs pay less?

The truth is, if you’re willing to really hustle and constantly search for jobs, to constantly put in the time required to line up OTR and spot jobs, you can probably earn more money that way. But you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

Owner operator dedicated runs in Texas still pay well, and they pay consistently. At Booker Trans we even pay our drivers daily, so there’s no wait at all for the paycheck to come in. Plus, they don’t have to go looking for the next job when they deliver their load. The next job is already scheduled.

That means they have more free time to spend at home with their families, and that their free time really is free time.

Oh, and one more thing worth pointing out: since carriers like dedicated runs, too, they’ll offer some great incentives to their drives. Booker Trans, for instance, has our longevity program. The longer you drive for us, the more money you’ll make. We like our drivers, and we want to keep them around!

owner operators in texas who do dedicated runs

Aren’t Dedicated Runs Boring?

This is the other big objection to owner operator dedicated runs in Texas. Don’t you get bored driving the same route, to the same place, all the time?

That’s fair. Working a dedicated run doesn’t have the freshness or the excitement of driving a new route with each job. You’re picking up the same loads, in the same place, driving the same route, and dropping off at the same place. But a lot of owner operators don’t find that boring at all. They find that they really like it. They enjoy the consistency. They like the fact that they learn their route like the back of their hand. It makes their job a lot easier.

A lot of them have actually grown tired of constantly navigating new routes. The excitement of that has worn off and now they really value the comfort and simplicity of working the same route over and over again. They don’t have to worry about navigation. They know exactly how long the drive will take, too. It really does make the job much simpler and more pleasant. And it still provides a lot of the freedom that truckers love. After all, they’re still not stuck in an office all day long, and they’re still their own boss.

Why You Should Drive Owner Operator Dedicated Runs in Texas With Booker Trans

The thing about dedicated runs is that you almost always need a carrier to set them up. That means you want to find the best carrier to work with, one that treats its drivers well.
Booker Trans is all about working with the best drivers, and being the best carrier. We take care of our drivers.

That’s why we only use owner operators- there’s no one better, safer, or more efficient than an owner operator. And we make sure to take care of our drivers!

When you drive owner operator dedicated runs in Texas with Booker Trans, we pay you each day. Daily pay matters to us, so we make it happen. You’ll get paid for your work every day, so there’s no waiting to receive the money you earned.

We also give our drivers free tires for as long they’re working with us. That’s right- as long as you’re driving dedicated runs for Booker Trans, we’ll give you new tires for free when yours wear out.

We’ve spent the last 20 years cultivating relationships with our customers to ensure that we have a constant supply of work, and plenty of dedicated runs for our owner operators. That’s steady work, all year long.

We reward our best drivers, too. We offer monthly and yearly driver awards. And, for the owner operators who stick around, we offer longevity bonuses.

The longer you work with Booker Trans, the bigger the monthly longevity bonus will get. In 2 years, you’ll already be getting a bonus equivalent to 2% of the revenue you generate each month. In 10 years, it’s 4%. And you get that bonus every month you work with us.

Incentives like that are one of the things that make owner operator dedicated runs in Texas such a great choice for drivers. You get consistent work, regular pay, and you’re rewarded for sticking around and working the same runs.

These are the kinds of benefits you can expect when you work dedicated runs, and there’s nothing else like them in the world of trucking. You won’t find similar benefits as a company driver, and if you do there are a lot more strings attached. Driving owner operator dedicated runs in Texas offers all of the benefits of trucking as an owner operator, but with the steady pay and stable work of being a company driver. It’s a win for you, and it’s a win for us. We get to use the best drivers around to haul our freight, and that makes our customers happy.

If you’d like to drive with Booker Trans, you can apply today on our website. We’ve got dedicated runs for you, and we’ll be excited to add you to our team.

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