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Get owner operator jobs in texas and live a better life

March 27, 2023

Owner operators can have a fulfilling career in trucking. There are many types of owner operator jobs, and the opportunities for earning great pay are increasing daily. To be successful as an owner operator, you’ll need to know how to find the right trucking jobs in Texas. Keep your vehicle in good condition, and drive safely and responsibly on the road. What is a good decision if you consider owner operator jobs in Texas? Now we are offering owner operator jobs. We offer Free Tires, a Longevity Bonus, and Daily Pay. Booker transportation provides the best lease options.

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The free tires for the life of lease program

Booker Transportation is an owner-operated trucking company that has been in business in Texas since 1993. We are expanding our business and looking to bring new Owner operator contractors on board. Here we offer The Free Tires for the Life of Lease Program (TLLP) to our drivers.
We do this to show appreciation to the drivers who work with us, and we prioritize the continual process of providing free replacement tires. When you choose to drive for us, you’re guaranteed a set of brand-new tires every year, plus any repairs or replacements throughout your career.
What’s more, when you work with us,
we care for all aspects of our drivers’ needs. If a family member dies or you need to take time off for a family emergency. We’ll help out however we can and make it as easy as possible for you to get back on the road as soon as possible.

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Why should you drive for Booker Transportation?

You always have access to the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Including state-of-the-art in-cab computers that let you track how many hours. You’ve worked and what time it is so that you’ll never have to spend money on another watch, clock, or even an alarm clock. With all these benefits and more, why would anyone want to drive anywhere else?
So, join Booker Transportation and in joy all benefits of the booker. Here, Booker has many programs that all work to promote Owner Operators’ growth. This program, however, is unique in that it rewards participation by offering a free set of tires, installed at no cost by participating companies, for the life of the lease.
The TLLP will help owner operators remain competitive in their marketplace, and Booker grows in theirs. Booker’s mission statement is simple, ‘We are committed to providing the most cost-effective transportation services in the industry with the highest level of customer service.

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Longevity bonus progress program

Working with Booker Transportation has many benefits. But the longer you work with us, the more you make. We want to reward those who have been around with us the longest. We have a longevity bonus for those who have been driving for our company for a long time.
If you have been
 driving for us long, we will reward you by giving you more money per mile than new drivers. If you are a new driver and would like to be rewarded more than a driver who is new to our company, then sign up to be a driver today.

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Award employees for staying & longest job

Longevity is a fantastic trait to see in a person. It means that they’re steady, trustworthy, and reliable. That they will always be reliable and responsible. There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to keep an employee around. And since we’re in the trucking business, we know exactly how important having those people around is. We want to reward those who have been around withus the longest.
For example
, let’s take a driver who’s worked for us for five years. In that time, he’s been able to stay accident-free and up-to-date on his DOT exams (which is required for all drivers). Not only that, but he also has been able to get a CDL endorsement for hazardous materials (HazMat), which can lead to more money when driving certain types of loads.

The opportunity of trucking in Texas

Texas is often referred to as an economic powerhouse. Numerous trucking companies within its borders are at the heart of this economic powerhouse. These companies play a vital role in transporting goods within the state and beyond, ensuring the smooth functioning of the supply chain. 

Trucking companies in Texas form a critical pillar of the state’s economy, ensuring the efficient movement of goods across vast distances. Through their commitment to reliability, customer service, and innovation. These trucking jobs owner operator companies are integral in supporting manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and beyond. As Texas thrives, its owner operators jobs remain essential in connecting businesses and driving economic prosperity throughout Lone Star State.

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Advantages of longevity and rewards program

In addition, he has always driven safely and has excellent customer service skills. This combination of experience, safety, and customer service makes him the perfect candidate for our longevity program. Which we’ve recently implemented and offers some great rewards.
We have the
 advantage of working with those who are already familiar with the 18 wheeler trucking industry and willing to put in the effort to excel. We value their loyalty and want to recognize them through our longevity bonus program.

Daily pay program

The daily pay is something we go out of our way to do to make sure you get the money you earned on the day you earned it. We know that money matters. It’s important to treat you right, and that’s why we have a policy that means you get paid if and when you deserve it.
You’ll be paid daily when you drive 30 trips in a day. There are no exceptions; everyone gets paid if they work 30 trips a day. Bookertrans offer you to get this opportunity
. You can find Daily Pay at Bookertrans trucking companies, and while it’s a guarantee there, it’s an industry standard. That’s because in the trucking business.
We’re all about taking care of our owner operators. They are the ones who work hard to bring us the freight we need to get, and they are the ones who drive our trucks to get it.

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Solve financial problem

When we talk about taking care of them, we’re about more than just giving them a reasonable rate for their load or a safe, comfortable place to rest at night. We’re also talking about getting them their money as quickly as possible, the money they earned that day by driving our trucks on our loads. That’s where Daily Pay comes in.
You’re not just another truck or trailer number when you join our team. You’re part of a family committed to taking good care of each other and ensuring you’re happy with your work. That’s why we provide daily pay and a benefits package that includes paid vacation, health insurance, and retirement savings.

Riskfree income

We strive to be the best in the semi truck industry by keeping up with technology, providing the safest equipment, and ensuring that you’re taken care of. Every day you sign on, you’re taking a risk on whether or not you’ll earn enough to cover the bills. It’s easier to save enough to live off of if your paychecks are too far apart.
Our daily pay system is our way of helping you manage your finances better. You can use it to cover expenses, like rent and food, or you can use it for all the fun stuff, like paying down debt, buying gifts, and making big purchases. What matters most is that you get the money you earned that day.

Find the right truck.

When looking for owner operator jobs in Texas, finding the right truck is important. There are many factors to consider when choosing a commercial vehicle. The type of cargo you want to haul, your lease’s payment terms and conditions, and fuel costs all play into this decision.
The first thing to consider is whether or not you want a flatbed or dump truck. Flatbeds are ideal if you plan on hauling loose cargo such as furniture or building materials. However, they aren’t equipped with waste tanks, so they can only transport non-hazardous materials like cardboard boxes or pallets without additional equipment like tarps or plastic sheeting. Dump trucks come with waste tanks which allow them to carry hazardous materials such as chemicals. Without extra protection required by law but they also tend to be heavier than flatbeds which means higher fuel consumption.
Payment terms also vary widely depending upon whether leasing vs. buying outright. Leasing offers lower monthly payments because less money is paid upfront but requires monthly payments along with other fees throughout the contract period. Buying outright means higher initial costs but no additional charges later down the road!

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Keep your truck in good condition.

To get owner operator jobs in Texas and live a better life, you need to keep your truck in good condition. The first thing you should do is get regular maintenance onyour truck. This will ensure that everything is working properly and help prevent problems down the road.
Secondly, ensure that the inside of your cab is always kept clean! This means no trash or junk lying around on the floorboards just like at home. It’s important to have everything organized so that everything gets noticed and found when looking for something specific later on.
Lastly, consider having so
me alarm installed on all doors/windows so if someone tries breaking into them while parked somewhere overnight, they’ll be alerted immediately instead of having no idea until morning when they wake up with broken glass everywhere.

Drive safely and responsibly.

Always take care of your truck. If you do, it will perform better and could break down on the road, causing delays in getting your load delivered. Be safe by following all road rules and staying alert for other vehicles around you. Don’t take unnecessary risks when driving your life depends on it.

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Owner Operators can have a fulfilling career.

As an owner operator, you can be your boss and make decisions. You’re open to what a company wants to do or where they want to go. You can choose the routes that interest you and work with the companies that treat their drivers well.
As long a
s there is demand for trucking services in Texas, then there will always be for owner operators willing to take on some risk to reap greater rewards than those offered by being employed by one of the large carriers or leasing companies.


If you love the open road, relish the thought of living in a bigger house, driving a newer and having more time to enjoy life. Then an owner operator career might be right for you. An owner operator job will make you feel like the boss. Keep your mind occupied with business troubles and allow you to unlock the potential within. It’ll give you the freedom to decide your future, whether making big moves or simply working on a more relaxed schedule. Before joining any trucking company, you should research the company. The USA is a big country. You can find so many tracking companies here. And Texas is a state in the South Central region of the United States.

About Booker Transportation

Booker Trans is 100% Owner Operator. It is our belief that an Independent Owner is the best way to get a customers freight delivered timely and safely. Booker is a leading Refrigerated Carrier providing the best lease options in the industry for today’s Owner Operators. Monthly and Yearly Awards, Longevity Bonuses, and the Free tires for Life of Lease Program, are just a few examples of what Booker Trans offers the Owner Operator. Booker Trans has built it’s success upon working partnerships with Customers, as well as Agency Relationships built over the last 20 years. Those same relationships are what makes consistent year round freight possible.

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