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Watch the video below to learn more about lease options with Booker Transportation and how we can accommodate owner operators.

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Customize My Lease

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Ask one of these hands below. After pounding the road millions of miles and spending years feeding their families with Booker, who else better to tell you what its really like? They know how Booker works and how to make it a successful lease. These guys do it day in and day out. They were generous enough to volunteer their time to answer your question.

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Why Compete With Company Trucks?

Join the Best To Earn The Best

  • Daily Pay
  • Paid Road and Fuel Taxes
  • No Money Down for Physical Damage and Bobtail Insurance
  • All expenses matched to the load
  • No Escrow
  • No Up-Front Money
  • Free Tires for Life of Lease Referral Program
  • Longevity Bonus Program
  • 100% Paid Fuel Surcharges
  • 100% No-Touch Freight
  • 100% Reimbursed Unloading
  • Paid Vacation Program
  • Holiday Pay Program
  • Passenger Program
  • Fuel Discounts
  • Operator of the Month and Year Award Programs


We prefer equipment that is less than 8 years old. Condition of equipment older than 8 years will determine lease qualification. Your unit must be able to scale 44,500 lbs. of cargo with a trailer estimated weight of 16,500 lbs.

Licensing & Permits

Equipment leased to Booker Transportation will utilize Booker permits. Owner Operators reserve the right to provide his/her own tag.


Booker pays for Auto Liability, General Liability, Cargo, and Trailer Interchange insurances for all contracted operators. We only require operators to provide Physical Damage, Non-Truck Liability (Bobtail), And Deductible Reduction Insurance.

Additional Benefits

We have National Fuel Savings Plans in place to benefit our leased Owner Operators. We pay 100% Fuel Surcharges, and reimburse all unloading fees. In addition to our Free Tires for Life of Lease program, we also offer a Longevity Bonus Program.