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Owner Operators essential checklist for loading produce!

February 5, 2024

Remember, as an Owner Operator with Booker Transportation, you are the first line of defense against claims.

Always protect yourself by obtaining pulp temps and documenting any discrepancies.

Call Dispatch for any concerns regarding product loading, quality, temperature, or delivery instructions!

  1. Trailer Wash-Out: Begin with a mandatory trailer wash-out before loading. This is the first step in preventing contamination and potential claims.
  2. Dispatch Instructions: Obtain dispatch from Booker. If there are any discrepancies from the expected instructions, immediately contact Dispatch.
  3. Pick-Up Confirmation: Verify pick-up numbers, counts, temperatures, and delivery information with the customer or broker.
  4. Shipper Check-In: On arrival at the shipper, confirm counts and temperatures and ensure the trailer is pre-cooled to the appropriate temperature.
  5. Pulp Temperatures: Before loading, measure the pulp temperatures of the actual product from various pallets or positions to ensure accuracy.
  6. Loading Process: Watch for gaps during loading. If spotted, halt the process and contact Dispatch if the issue is not addressed. Ensure pallets are either turned or pinwheeled for stability—straight loading is not permissible.
  7. Securing the Load: If pallets are loose, request shrink-wrap and use at least two load-locks (preferably more for taller loads) to secure the cargo.

Adhering to these steps not only helps prevent claims but also maintains the integrity of the goods we transport.

Our commitment to these practices ensures that our customers receive produce that meets the highest quality standards,

and our owner-operators can take pride in the critical role they play in the supply chain, especially when demand is at its peak.

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