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Owner Operators should be prepared for Cellular Service outages!

March 6, 2024

What to do in a Cellular service outage?

During a network outage, utilizing an email app over a browser version is especially beneficial for owner operators. These apps automatically download and save emails directly to your truck’s onboard device, ensuring that critical information about deliveries, routes, or schedules is readily accessible, even without an internet connection. This setup is vital for truck drivers who rely on timely communications for their operations. Unlike browser-based email, which is inaccessible without internet, email apps keep truck drivers in the loop about essential dispatch details and updates, regardless of connectivity challenges. Additionally, as soon as connectivity is re-established, email apps notify truck drivers of new communications, ensuring no crucial information is missed during service interruptions.

Another good practice in case of  a network outage, it is a good idea to keep your regularly traveled maps saved in offline mode in your Navigation app of choice. 

Google Maps:

  1. Open Google Maps: Make sure you are connected to the internet and signed in to Google Maps.
  2. Search for the Area: Type in the location you want to download in the search bar and enter.
  3. Select the Area: Tap on the name of the place at the bottom to pull up the location’s details.
  4. Download the Map: Look for the option that says “Download” (you might need to tap on the three-dot menu for more options). Tap it.
  5. Adjust the Area: Pinch and zoom to select the map area you want to download. Remember that the larger the area, the more storage space it will take.
  6. Save the Map: After adjusting the view to the area you want, tap “Download” again.
  7. Access Offline Maps: To find your offline maps, tap on your profile picture or initial at the top right and choose “Offline maps.”

Apple Maps:

  1. Prepare for Offline Use: Unlike Google Maps, Apple Maps does not have a direct feature for downloading maps for offline use. However, Apple Maps caches data that you’ve previously accessed while connected to the internet. This means you should open the map and view the area you plan to navigate while you have a connection.
  2. Search for the Area: Enter the location in the search bar and let the map load completely.
  3. Browse the Map: Move around the map to load adjacent areas you might travel through.
  4. Zoom In and Out: Ensure that you zoom in to load detailed views of the streets and zoom out to get a wider area. Apple Maps will cache all of these views.
  5. Force Close the App: After you’ve browsed all necessary areas, you can force close the app to ensure the cache is saved.
  6. Access Cached Maps: The next time you open Apple Maps without an internet connection, it will display the cached information. Just remember that real-time features like traffic updates won’t be available.
  7. Important Notes:

For owner operators navigating areas with no cell service, making strategic stops at places with free Wi-Fi, such as Starbucks, truck stops, and rest stops can be a lifesaver for owner operators. These stops offer the perfect opportunity to check in with dispatch, touch base with family, and download any necessary documents or maps for the road ahead, ensuring you stay connected and informed, even on the go.

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