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How much does a semi truck hood weight

February 27, 2022

how much does a semi truck hood weigh

How much does a semi truck hood weigh? Can I lift it alone?

If you go pick up a new semi truck hood, it is essential to know how much this will weigh. In most cases, this is not something you should try to lift by yourself. If you have been attempting to lift the hood for a regular car or truck, you know these can be rather heavy. But when it comes to how much a semi truck hood will weigh, it will be significantly more given the size increase between a car/truck to the semi truck.

Example of a semi truck hood:


This hood above weighs 392 lbs and has a 65-inch centerline measurement. This is a decent-sized hood that will require some work to lift high. Most Peterbilt hoods will weigh around 400lbs+. While you might want to do the hood removal yourself, it is not recommended to do so and, in many cases, will not be physically possible without the use of other machinery.

Engine size matters in how much the hood will weigh

Whether you have a short hood or a long hood semi truck will significantly change the weight. Having a short hood truck with a smaller engine will make the total area of the hood smaller, in turn making it weigh less. A long hood for a semi truck can easily weigh over 500lbs.


The material used matters even more.

A fiberglass hood will weigh significantly more than an aluminum semi truck hood. Therefore, the material will make a big difference in your choice of getting a new hood. Keep this in mind when deciding to make your purchase.

long hood semi trucks

Hood weight reduction could help improve overall fuel performance.

People do not think about when lowering their weight on their truck is to reduce the hood weight. While it should be noted if you are looking for an aftermarket hood, weight should not be the only factor, as safety should be your #1 priority. But weight should be a factor in your purchase because if you can lower the weight of the vehicle, you can save money over the long term with fuel. Another factor to consider with your semi truck hood is to compare aerodynamics, as it is the first thing the wind will be pushing against. While how much your new semi truck hood will weigh is essential, getting it to slice through the air aerodynamically will go a lot farther in fuel savings and reductions.

carbon fiber semi truck hood

New technology may lower the weight of semi truck hoods.

A carbon fiber hood and carbon fiber truck might be the answer for a much lighter truck weight to make some significant savings in fuel consumption. This article talks about significant trucking brands researching and testing carbon fiber on the semi truck hood and overall body to reduce weight from 5000 to almost 1500, making a significant difference in weight. This might lead to significantly lower costs in fuel over the long term if sustainable. The current issue with this is the initial cost to build. While carbon fiber seems to be a great options from a weight perspective, it is not practical from a price standpoint

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