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What Is A Logistics Partner

January 3, 2022

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What is a logistics partner, and why do I need one?

Why is a logistics partner important? A strong third-party logistics (3PL) partnership boosts supply chain efficiency, lowers costs, and improves overall customer service. However, they’re not one-size-fits-all, with various boxes to check off while looking for the right 3PL to match your company. Choosing a logistics partner is growing more difficult as alternative options, including digital platforms and carrier-bred logistics services, continue to be launched to the market.
According to the most recent GMA Study, manufacturers will spend roughly 7% of their revenues on logistics costs. As a result, many of these businesses will turn to the logistics industry’s professionals for help in controlling and lowering expenses.
A vital business choice is selecting the correct logistics partner. Because your logistics partner will be in charge of delivering your products to your clients, you must take the time to identify the proper one.

A Logistics partner is beneficial when the fit is right.

Many of these companies and others may issue thorough RFPs in the future year to narrow down a qualifying list of logistics suppliers. The invited organizations will be evaluated and must meet several requirements, including stability, technology, and experience, among others. Unfortunately, many organizations will ignore certain fundamental components as they decide to engage in such projects, and not all of these companies will be actually ready to collaborate.
Cultural compatibility and top-to-bottom buy-in are two often ignored crucial elements. Not just in the executive suite but down to the shipping port and the employees who are in the trenches carrying product every day. Go to the ranks for input while creating the important criteria and expectations of a logistics supplier.

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Are you ready for a logistics partner?

The success of your logistics program depends on everyone’s understanding and communication. An uneducated and unsupportive shipping supervisor can put a halt to commerce at the end of the day. If all stakeholders understand and are a part of the decision-making and planning process, you may help put them at rest by communicating the aims and scope of a logistical program.

Identifying the right logistics partner

To identify the best logistics partner, you have to understand your business needs and your expected logistics service first and foremost. To ensure the effectiveness of the checklist, you have to figure out your current freight logistics, supply chain, transportation lines, freight costs, performance audit, and relationships.
Get to know which part of the current logistics provider cannot meet your demands, and figure out your expected logistics provider. You will understand the service level of a logistics provider suitable for your business. Besides, you have to take business growth into account. It’s not easy to get the right logistics partner. You’d better choose the provider who can cope with your business expansion.
With your business needs in mind, you can create a plan for the selection criteria. This means you have to figure out how to evaluate a logistics provider. For this process, you can hire a consultant to help with the selection process. And finally, you opt to narrow down your options. A smaller pool of potential logistics companies will be available for you to decide the right one for your business. Remember to negotiate hard with them to ensure you get the best possible service with a limited budget.

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What is a logistics company?

Managing and optimizing the intricate supply chain management process requires the management of a logistics business, also referred to as a logistics partner. These businesses are committed to ensuring the efficient and seamless transfer of materials, data, and resources from their point of origin to their intended location. A logistics company’s main goal is to improve and streamline different shipping, warehousing, inventory control, order fulfillment, and distribution processes. A logistic partner helps organizations minimize operational complexity, increase cost-effectiveness, and boost customer satisfaction by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, strategic planning, and industry knowledge. With its wide range of services, a logistics company is essential to the supply chain, supporting efficient operations and fostering business expansion. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and knowledge, logistics companies simplify the difficult journey of goods, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core capabilities while delegating the crucial duty of supply chain management to qualified experts.

What Is Their Credibility?

If you want to form a long-term logistical collaboration, you need to be credible. Ascertain that logistics partners can put the collaboration to the test. To identify a reliable logistics partner, you must first determine whether the service provider is willing to honor its contractual obligations with honesty. The passage of time will reveal whether the organization has a positive or negative reputation among its consumers, suppliers, and business partners.

During the market research stage, you can find online client reviews to determine social testimonials about the logistical transportation services, business devotion, and even marketing efforts. On the one hand, double-check if a provider offers a significantly cheaper rate than the market. Learn about all of the factors that contribute to a reduced price. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, strive to work with a respected logistics service.

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Do they have good customer service?

Is the logistics provider known for its great customer service, prompt response, open lines of communication, and effective solutions to pressing problems? These factors are crucial in determining whether the logistics supplier places a high priority on customer care. Normally, identifying their customer service in the early stages is difficult. There is, however, something you can do.
Without a doubt, every candidate will claim to provide exceptional customer service. But what about the reality? Allow their customers to speak for themselves. Then, you can ask them for a recommendation, especially if they come from a comparable field and have similar needs. Get to know how their customers feel about the logistics providers’ customer service, and you’ll have your response. If the company’s customer service is consistently good, it appears that it has developed a mature customer service system throughout the years.

It Should Be Mutually Beneficial

If it isn’t already, it should be. Everyone should benefit from the partnership’s success, as it should be a win-win arrangement for all parties involved. A logistics partner can aid long-term savings through gain sharing and other incentives. Ensure that your logistics partner is on board and participating in the launch of these efforts; this should be a topic of discussion early on.

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Price Isn’t everything in a logistics partner, but it does matter.

Is it possible to see the pricing? Is there any additional cost that I should be aware of? A significant criterion to evaluate is the price charged by logistics companies. Before making a final decision, you should keep track of the cost per delivery. Transportation costs, receiving costs, warehousing fees, pick-and-pack fees, shipping costs, account setup fees, and monthly minimums are typically included in the costs imposed by logistics businesses.
When you get the quotes from your prospects for a long-term collaboration, you can decide which one is best for your company. Before using their services, find out what they will charge you.  To assess whether it is worthwhile to pay the money, you must mix its price and service quality. Don’t base your decision solely on the cost.

Logistics Partner’s Efficiencies

How quickly will your orders be processed by your logistics partner? How long will it take to get your orders into the hands of your customers? In reality, efficiency is critical to the success of your organization and the enjoyment of your customers.
The time it takes for the logistics provider to pick the order, pack it, and transport it to its destinations is efficient. The faster the service is, the more efficient it is. Therefore, both transportation routes and modalities are important for a logistics organization when it comes to ordering delivery.
Communication has an impact on efficiency as well. You can look at the logistics provider’s communication channels. The more it provides, the more possibilities you’ll have for maintaining instant communication with it for a superior answer.

Financial Stability

The world of international transportation is, without question, ever-changing. Look for a logistics partner who is financially secure enough to go along with you for the ride to ensure your 3PL can grow and adapt to the times. In addition, blockchain technology has the potential to transform just about every element of global trade radically. Still, for the time being, you can measure a 3PL’s willingness to innovate by evaluating the quality of their TMS (Transportation Management System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) (Warehouse Management System).

Logistics Partner Teamwork makes the dream work.

The partnership must show a cohesive front to consumers, vendors, and team members alike. A lack of attention and consistency might be a tragedy waiting to happen. Regular team meetings will establish a common focus and provide a forum for both teams to voice issues and objectives.
The current ties with steamship lines, port officials (longshoremen), and other forwarders are arguably the most significant factor to consider when looking for a new logistics partner. This is true because a solid network of preferred partners is the backbone of consistent, excellent customer care for a 3PL. In addition, it may be tough to keep up with cargo quantities without reliable go-to alliances, and you may be trapped with disadvantageous carrier pricing.

logistics partner security

Security & Technology With Your Logistics Partner

You must understand how the logistics business will ensure that your product is delivered safely from when it leaves the facility until it arrives at its destination. As a result, the logistics firm must combine the most up-to-date IT solutions for warehouse and transportation management.
Overall, selecting the correct logistics partner is a difficult undertaking. To collaborate with the ideal logistics partner, you must first conduct your homework, set up your metrics, and follow through with the checklists. Given everything above, there are numerous aspects to consider. You can use some of them when determining whether or not to change your logistics provider. If you’re still having trouble, get advice from relevant professionals. They will undoubtedly assist you.

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