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What Is Colli In Logistics

January 2, 2022

what is colli in logistics

So What Is Colli In Logistics Anyways?

Colli refers to a loading unit used in transportation. Collo is the singular form of Colli. For the singular, the German spelling is Kolli or Kollo. This is a generic phrase used to transport general goods that refers to the smallest unit of a consignment in logistics. Colli is always one-of-a-kind sculptures that differ in size and shape. Colli is commonly transported in ISO containers, with the number of pieces serving as the unit of measurement. There are no defined dimensions at Colli Logistics. Collis come in various sizes and weights and can be as little as a small car or as large as a truck bed.

Colli Is Actually A German Term

English translation:freight unit/package
Per Schäfer, Hyperbook, Wirtschaftsenglisch: Kollo n, pl. Kolli (com) unit of freight = package in English

Example Of Colli In The Real World

“He emphasized the importance of beginning transportation preparations as soon as possible and that the following information is required to get started:

Breaking Down Colli By Definition

Like a packed pallet, a collo can be made up of multiple collis. You may find smaller packaging units on the pallet. For example, an article has an exterior package. However, it is packaged in a cardboard box with other repacked articles. The pallet is then filled with these cartons. As a result, Collo and Colli are also influenced by the viewpoint.

On the other hand, general cargo is always delivered as a whole shipping unit to the recipient. Individual shipments for different receivers could be found in Collis. This is true for groupage transportation, in which the collis are assembled in logistics centers before being dispersed again.

Because the exact quantity of things is not required for transportation, the collo as a packaging unit is of particular value in logistics. The number of units to be carried, i.e., the number of similar collis is the deciding factor. This facilitates transportation planning since the transport operator now has a clear picture of the units to be transported and can make the most use of the available loading capacity. In addition, loading and unloading are simpler because only the number of collis is counted, rather than individual goods being counted or weighed.



Colli is the Italian word for “package” and it is used in logistics to refer to a shipment of goods in a single box or container. It is important because it allows distributors and retailers to count, move, and organize inventory more efficiently. Colli also serves as a way of rating the cost efficiency of shipping methods. For instance, if you need a certain item quickly, you can pay for air freight services, which will package your product into several collies for better organization, but cost more overall than standard ground shipping. Colli has become an essential part of logistics that allows companies all over the world to optimize how they package and ship their goods.

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